Find Your Passion And Unlock A Great Career

“What is your passion?” “What are you going to do with your life?” For most people these difficult questions are separate and distinguishable.  However, the best way to succeed in your career is to discover the answer to that first question, what is your passion.  Many people do not view passion as necessary to their working life.  They view it as something to be pursued in their down time.  In most people’s eyes all that is necessary for a successful career hard work in a conventional field.  However, to truly achieve a great career it is necessary to discover your passions and truly express the talents that define who you are.  Pursuing your passion is a great starting point when attempting to decide what career to pursue.  But how do you begin to discover what it is that really interests and drives you?  Many people assume that discovering passion is nothing but dumb luck.  They see a lucky few who blindly stumble upon an idea or career which drives them throughout their life.  It is true that a small amount of people are lucky enough to discover at an early age to something that drives them their entire life.  It is hard for most people to view the discovery of one’s passion as a methodical process which often takes hard work, thought, and time to develop.

To discover your passion, the activities and ideas that drive you, immerse yourself in new and different stimulating situations.  It is impossible to discover your passion sitting idly on your couch staring into space while waiting for some sort of divine intervention to strike.  Your passions can only be discovered or awakened by taking the initiative to place yourself in stimulating environments.  Read voraciously, seek out and engage different people, travel, try new things, try different things.  All of this work and stimulation can be exhausting but it is necessary to keep you from becoming bogged down by the usual routine.  Introducing yourself to, and actively engaging in, new and different ideas, activities, and situations will allow you to break away from ordinary and mundane and hopefully allow you to discover what truly interests and drives you.

How will you recognize your passion when you find it? Generally, it is quite easy.  When you find yourself becoming so engrossed about a particular subject that you cannot stop researching it, or, when in normal conversation, you find yourself becoming increasing excited about a certain subject and cannot pull away from the conversation, or if you become so excited by an activity that you literally lose track of time itself.  All of these are indications that you are passionate about a particular subject, activity, or idea.  If you would continue doing something after winning the lottery, chances are it is your passion. Sometimes, finding a job is not a clear task. There are careers that exist that you may never know about because it’s not something that is offered at accredited colleges. For example, have you ever considered working for an seo agency? You probably have no clue what seo is. Search Craigslist. Search Career builder. Expand your mind and your search.

The last pitfall which must be avoided is the common belief that even if you are passionate about a subject there is no way you can turn it into a career.  This belief is generally based on nothing more than popular opinion and causes people to abandon their passion, or relegate it only to their down time, instead of fully pursuing it.  Before you abandon your passion you should actively and creatively explore all the avenues that it could take you.  Do not simply accept conventional wisdom as fact without at first investigating for yourself what possible careers your passion may create.  In the world today there are opportunities for driven people with interests in any and every activity or subject.  In fact, with the difficult economic market, jobs in traditional white collar careers have fallen off.  Difficulty acquiring a job in a traditional field only adds incentive to explore all of the possibilities of making a living pursuing what you love.

Identifying your passion and exploring its potential career paths is simply the beginning.  Success still demands persistence, focus, discipline, resourcefulness and most of all hard work.  But if you are doing what you truly love all of those should come  naturally.  So instead of blindly chasing a paycheck in a job you don’t love, discover your passions and work diligently and creatively to use those passions to unlock the career of your dreams.

My Take
Discovering your passion is not blind luck. It is something that can be found by exposing yourself to different and stimulating situations. Once you know what your passion is, explore what career opportunities it may offer.  Do not accept conventional wisdom that you cannot make a living pursuing your passion.  Be creative and discover for yourself what career opportunities your passion may hold.

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